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What You Will Learn

Each and every month, dependent upon the subscription level you choose, you'll receive 2 to 5 bite-sized E-Learning Modules that will teach you key aspects of entrepreneurship.

  • You'll discover exactly how to think like a business owner and develop your profitable business model that generates top revenue for you and your enterprise.  
  • You'll get online educational modules from BusyGal BEES 8 Core Courses with startup business tools for one low monthly price!  
  • You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST new entrepreneurs dead in their tracks and be provided with the knowledge, skills and motivation to attain entrepreneurial success in a variety of settings.  
  • You'll learn creative solutions for small business problems, and ultimately develop the skill of "thinking like an entrepreneur" so as to turn negative situations into positive opportunities for your small business to thrive.  

All Modules come from these 8 Core Courses. Click any picture below to get more details.

The number in parentheses are the number of e-learning modules in each course.

1. Cultivating the Entrepreneurial

Mindset (9)

The modules within this course will help you to start to think like a business owner. You will be able to focus on the practicalities of actually building your business. Some subjects we will discuss include Mindfulness, the Law of Cause and Effect and developing a Paradigm Shift in your thinking.

2. Components of Business Success (9)

Through the modules of this course you will learn about Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Distribution and Sales Strategy, Operations Management and Strategy as well as their Performance Metric Keys. Through learning videos, case studies, and exercises you will also learn about Strategic Planning, how to successfully navigate getting that lucrative Government Contract, as well as the basics of Organization Development and how Social Media impacts your world and your business.

3. Business Communications (9)

Course 3 will teach you the "Soft Skills" of the business and why they are necessary. These skills include Business Etiquette, how to navigate networking events, presentation skills, public speaking, event planning for entrepreneurs, the development and delivery of your Elevator Pitch, how to get and stay organized, navigating difficult work situations and lastly selling and negotiation strategies.

4. Personal Finance Management (10)

This course teaches the fundamentals of personal financial literacy. Our disciplined approach to financial management begins by understanding individual financial life goals, current income needs, tax liability, credit repair, and financial responsibilities. Targeting the Over 40 Adult we will also discuss how to bounce back from financial disaster and what the "new normal" looks like since The Great Recession of 2008.

5. Introduction to Business Law (6)

In the modules of this course you will receive a basics overview of business law hot topics, starting with the different types of corporate entities. You will have an opportunity to uncover the dynamics, theory and management of contracts and other legal documents that can be applicable to your start up. Partnerships will be discussed at length and you will have the opportunity to learn such key knowledge as the 13 questions you must ask of a potential partner for your business and how much equity you should be willing to give up.  Organizational structure will be discussed in order for you to avoid costly mistakes in the future. No course on business law would be complete without taking time to thoroughly explain Intellectual Property Law and it's 4 components - Trademark, Copyright, Patent, and Design Rights. Lastly you will form your exit strategy for your business because one must always start with the end in mind.

6. Technology & Apps for Business (10)

We will begin with the Internet of Things and show you how technology is always evolving. You will touch on the advent of the Blockchain and from there we will discover one of the most stunning website themes available on WordPress today and you will actually be able to build your own website when we're through with that chapter. Additionally you will have the opportunity to acquire your professional company email and you will know how email works! As the full course progresses you will learn about DNS, ISP, and IP Address. You'll discover what Cloud Hosting can do for your business and you will get an introduction into programming and coding as well as quick histories of Software Programming and Video Games. You get an overview of how Apps work and start to learn JAVA scripting through our interactive tutorial. You will explore Front End and Back End Development through our interactive tutorial as you learn HTML and CSS coding. Finally we'll touch on Databases and SQL as well as API, Webhooks and JSON.

7. Business Finance (9)

Through the dissecting of Financial Case Study Work, you will learn the challenges that entrepreneurs face and possible solutions to each unique case. No course on business finance would be complete without a teaching on Basic Economics, so we will not disappoint. You will learn about Scarcity, the Demand and Supply chain and how both can and will effect your business. As the mission of our online entrepreneurial education system is to help you create a lasting and successful business, this course will also spend time teaching you how to create a stellar start-up budget and financial implementation and operations strategies. You will also learn how to prepare a Profit and Loss Statement, a Cash Flow Analysis, a Balance Sheet, and Financial Projections for your company and what investors look for in these documents. Lastly, you will learn what the difference is between Accounting and Bookkeeping, why they are extremely important for the operations of your new business, how to find expert financial advice and how to hire a great CPA for your new business.

8. Raising Capital for Businesses (9)

This 10 hour intensive course identifies the best strategies that entrepreneurs can use to raise capital for their startup. Beginning with a cursory overview of the landscape of raising capital for you small business, this course will show you avenues that can lead to sources of funding and capital acquisition. "Bootstrapping" your business and the pros and cons of going to your family and friends will also be explored and depending upon your financial situation, it may be fine to utilize this method. You will learn about business loans, lines of credit, grants and federal funding opportunities - should your business qualify, crowdfunding, and the JOBS Act. This course will go into some detail as to what to expect from investors, private equity, venture capitalists, as well as partnerships and what an accelerator is and is not. Lastly, you will learn how to put together investor business plans, the appropriate financials and a pitch deck to attract financing.

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1 Hour Class

This is the 1st Module of the Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Mindset 12 Hour Course. Developed to encourage Women Over 40 to pursue their dreams and become entrepreneurs, this module starts by introducing you to 10 strong and powerful Women Over 40 who became really successful in business in order to encourage you with the knowledge that it is NEVER too late to begin your business!

We will proceed from there to a video — The 50 Rules for Entrepreneurial Success — spoken by several globally successful women entrepreneurs.  Additionally, Positive Affirmations, to get you in the mindset of success, will be explored and discussed at length; and finally you will begin the practical step of learning how to write your new business' Mission Statement.

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“I have learned something each step of the way and I am so grateful! Everything I've been learning is so amazing, and has opened up my understanding tremendously.”



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